Our Story

From our early days as a boutique agency for film and television stars, Golding Media Group has grown into a global innovator in connecting brands with audiences. We’ve embraced the AI revolution, using innovative technology to match the right creators with the right brands, ensuring your message not only reaches but resonates with your audience. Our straightforward and transparent approach builds lasting trust and partnerships.

Creating Connections

We’re in the business of making genuine connections. Our approach is all about understanding and engaging with diverse audiences, helping your brand become a meaningful part of their story. We don’t just promote brands; we weave them into narratives that touch hearts and minds. Our team is dedicated to supporting the creative talent that brings these stories to life, fostering a community that grows together. And as we craft these narratives, we never lose sight of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Join us, and let’s create stories that inspire, connect, and drive success.

What Set Us Apart

  • AI-Driven Marketing Innovations: Pioneering in integrating AI for precise trend analysis and effective brand-talent alignment.
  • Transparent Subscription Model: Offering clarity and trust through a straightforward, transparent pricing model.
  • Storytelling at the Core: Focusing on crafting authentic narratives that engage and inspire, going beyond mere metrics.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy: Implementing full-funnel marketing tactics, from raising awareness to driving conversions.
  • Empowering Creative Talent: Dedicated to nurturing and supporting creators, enhancing their skills and career opportunities.
  • Commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility: Actively engaging in practices that benefit the community and environment.
  • Innovative Content and Distribution: Utilising novel platforms and techniques to create and share engaging content.
  • Enhanced Digital Experience: Ensuring a user-friendly, intuitive digital interface for clients and partners.